1.  How do I enter my team for team awards?


     A.  Team awards will be done without having to pay for a team registration.  The team results will now be calculated for 

     everyone who enters as a team.   The results will be calculated throughout the tournament with the trackwrestling software.  

     You MUST follow the directions below:


     Make sure your entire team is registered for Super Pee Wee under the same team name.  There will be absolutely NO changes

     to this at the tournament.  Make sure all team names are the EXACT same. We will NOT be editing this for you!  For example:  "GoHawk" isn't the          same as "Go-Hawks" and "WAWC" isn't the same as "Waverly Area Wrestling Club".  Be sure to check with your team coach to confirm the name          the team is wrestling under.


2.  What documents do I need to be able to coach my wrestler(s)?


     A.  AAU requirements state that individuals who wish to coach their wrestler at AAU sanctioned events MUST possess an AAU Non-Athelete                  Membership/Coach's card.  When you purchase a Coach's Wristband, you MUST present your AAU Coach's Card AND photo identification.  There are        NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.  You MUST be present to purchase a Coach's Wristband.  For more information see the

     "Coaches Bands & Floor Passes" page located under the "Tournament Information" tab, at the top of this page.


3.  What documents do I need at weigh-ins to complete the registration process for my wrestler(s)?

      A.  You MUST bring your wrestler's BIRTH CERTIFICATION to provide proof of age, as well as PROOF OF GRADE.  For more information, please see the      "Required Documents" page located under the "Tournament Information" tab, at the top of this page. 


4.  What's the difference between a Coaches Band and a Floor Pass?


      A.  Both passes get you in for admission and give you access to the floor.  Coaches Bands are required by AAU to coach your wrestler(s).                       Floor Passes allow you access to the floor ONLY.  You will not be able to coach your wrester(s) with these bands. You do NOT have to be                       present to purchase a Floor Pass, however you MUST be present for purchase of a Coaches Band. For more information, see the

      "Coaches Bands & Floor Passes" page located under the "Tournament Information" tab, at the top of this page.


5.  Can I purchase a Floor Pass for my child(ren) that aren't wrestling so they can have access to the arena floor?


     A.  Yes.  However, you will pay the FULL price of $25.00 for the Floor Pass.  The free cost of admission for children under the age of 12 WILL NOT be deducted from the purchase price.  Floor Passes for children are optional.  If you choose to purchase a wristband, then you will also incur the admission cost.  

6.  Can I purchase a Coaches Band for my older child(ren) that aren't wrestling, so they can be in my wrestler's corner?

     A.  Yes.  You must provide their AAU Athlete Card to be able to purchase a Coaches Band.

7. What if my wrestler doesn't make the weight in which I registered him/her? 


     A.  If your wrestler is over the weight you at which you registered him/her, he/she will automatically be registered at the next weight up.  We do           not charge any additional fees to change weight classes.  This remains the same if your wrestler comes in under weight, as well.

8.  Can I bump my wrestler up a weight?

     A. Yes.  However, you will be required to sign the weigh-in card as proof that you give your permission for your child to wrestle up a weight class.

9.  What if there are no other wrestlers at my wrestler's weight?

     A.  If there are no other wrestlers at your wrestler's weight, you will be given two (2) options:  

          1.  You may choose to receive a champion bracket and sweatshirt for your wrestler on the day of competition.


          2.  You have the option to wrestle up a weight class.  You may NOT wrestle down a weight class.

     We generally do not have this issue.  This rare situation usually affects the very heaviest weights.  

10. When will the brackets be released?


     A. We normally release the brackets by midnight, once we get all the weigh-in information entered.  You may find the bracket information at      

11.  My wrestler is entered at the wrong weight, what can I do?


     A.  We do not charge an additional fee to change weights at weigh-ins.


12. I missed the entry deadline, can I still enter my wrestler?

     A.  Yes.  We do allow walk-in registrations the night of weigh-ins for each group.  The Walk-in Registration rate is $45.00.  You MUST bring your            wrestler's AAU Athlete's Card for walk-in registrations.  AAU Cards are NOT sold at the tournament.

13.  Is this a double-elimination tournament?

      A.  Yes.

14.  Does my wrestler have to wear headgear?

      A.  No.

15.   Does my wrestler have to weigh-in in a singlet/competition clothing?

     A.  Yes.

16.  Why are floor passes so expensive and why do I have to buy one for my young children to access the arena floor?

     A.  This is our attempt to keep floor congestion at a minimum.  If we allowed everyone access to the arena floor, the walkway would become so            congested that coaches and wrestlers alike would have a hard time making it to their mats in time for their matches.  Since we have no other             way to deter attendants from staying off the arena floor unless they are a parent, coach, or wrestlers, we use the only avenue available:  a                 financial deterrent.  Keep in mind that floor passes also include the price of admission, so you are paying $10.00/admission and $15.00/floor               pass, which is less than it has been in the past.

17.  What are the mat assignments?


     A.  You can find a picture of how we set up our mats on the "Mat Assignments & Parking Maps" page, located under the "Tournament Information"       tab, located at the top of the page.


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